Lay Leadership



2018 Lay Leadership

Church Council                   

Chairperson of Church Council                                         Norm Strickland

Vice Chairperson of Church Council                                Jerry Fisher

Recording Secretary                                                            Cynthia Walker

Lay Leader                                                                            David Smedberg

Lay Member of the Annual Conference                          Brenda Wilson

Alternate Lay Member of the Annual Conference        Jerry Fisher

Treasurer                                                                               Arlene Domenico

Chairperson of Finance & Stewardship Team                 Grant Matthews

Chairperson of Staff-Parish Relations Team                  Vicki Ambrose

Chairperson of Board of Trustees                                     Vernon Moore

Chairperson of Endowment Team                                    Butch Wilson

Connect Team Leader                                                        Donna Quiring

Worship Team Leader                                                        Cynthia Walker

Grow Team Leader                                                              Lisa Henry

Serve Team Leader                                                             Priscilla Fulcher

Communications Team Leader                                         Keith Henderson

Prayer & Membership Care Team Leader                       Nancy Loy

Children & Youth Ministry Team Leader                          Haley Henderson

Young Adult Representative                                              Michelle Branson

WinGS President                                                                 Polly Webb­

United Methodist Men President                                       Bob Webster

Nominations & Leadership Development Team

Class 2018:  Jerry Fisher, Cindy Loy, Vernon Moore

Class 2019:  Diana Hanford, Ann Coward

Class 2020:  Melda James, Bob Webster

Lay Leader:  David Smedberg

Rev. Edgar De Jesus (Chairperson)

Finance & Stewardship Team

Chairperson Grant Matthews

Lay Leader David Smedberg

Financial/Membership Secretary Cyndy Jenkins

Chairperson of Church Council Norm Strickland

Chairperson of Staff-Parish Relations Team Vicki Ambrose

Board of Trustees Representative Michelle Branson

Lay Member of the Annual Conference Brenda Wilson

Chairperson of Endowment Team Butch Wilson

Treasurer (Non-Voting) Arlene Domenico

Rev. Edgar De Jesus

Staff-Parish Relations Team

Class 2018:  Roger Quiring, Jim Branson

Class 2019:  Vicki Ambrose (Chairperson), Ilona Flowers

Class 2020:  Roy Meadows, Carol Matthews, Gene James

Lay Leader:  David Smedberg

Lay Member of the Annual Conference: Brenda Wilson

Board of Trustees Team

Class 2018: Vernon Moore (Chairperson), Jerry Fisher, Shirley Manning

Class 2019: James Flinchum, Kyle Walker, Brenda Moser

Class 2020: Michelle Branson, Joel Fulcher, Butch Wilson

Endowment Team

Class 2018: Nancy Loy, Ann Coward

Class 2019: Butch Wilson (Chairperson), Grant Matthews

Class 2020: Jim Branson, Norm Strickland

Ex-Officio: Board of Trustees Representative; Past Chair Richard Greene;

Rev. Edgar De Jesus

Connect Team                                           

Team Leader: Donna Quiring

  • Ann Coward
  • Janet Fisher
  • Meri Davis

 Worship Team                                           

Team Leader: Cynthia Walker

  • Communion: Marie Cox
  • Ushers: Joel Fulcher & Barbara Lowery
  • Acolytes: Judy Henderson
  • Greeters: Polly Webb

Grow Team                                     

Team Leader: Lisa Henry

  • Vicki Ambrose
  • Grant Matthews
  • Jim Branson

Serve Team                                    

Team Leader: Priscilla Fulcher

  • Nancy Thompson
  • James Flinchum
  • Joel Fulcher

 Communications Team                                       

Team Leader: Keith Henderson

  • Church Website: Keith Henderson
  • Video/Audio: Ryan Bailey
  • Social Media: Michelle Branson

Prayer & Membership Care Team                                            

Team Leader: Nancy Loy

  • Bereavement Ministry: Dianne Davis & Anne Ingalls
  • Circles of Care: Kay Davis
  • Prayer Ministry: Cyndy Jenkins

(4) Prayer Chain: Cyndy Jenkins

(5) Prayer Shawl: Diana Hanford

Children & Youth Ministry Team                                              

Team Leader: Haley Henderson

  • Meri Davis
  • Schyler Davis
  • Judy Henderson
  • Meredith Wright