Our Prayer Room is a wonderful place to meet with the Lord in prayer and meditation and is always open. We consider our Prayer Room the most important room in the Church.
Our Prayer Request List is kept here in order that you may come and offer up prayers for others that may not able to come. Materials are also available for your hand written Prayer-O-Grams that are mailed out each day.
We encourage you to come and meet with the Lord in prayer to give thanks and praise, to pray and meditate on the Word, to confess your personal sins, to intercede for others, to be still and listen for answers, to pray for the needs of this Church, members of your family, this nation, this world, and for those on the Prayer Request List.
You are invited to email your prayer request. Someone from our Church will take it to God in prayer at our prayer altar.  If you include the name and address of the person you are requesting prayer for, we will send them a written Prayer-O-Gram to let them know they have been remembered in prayer.
Send prayer requests to: